Action Categories

The common actions in QuickEdit are sorted into three different categories:

File Category: Includes file related actions.
Edit Category: Includes text edit related actions.
More Category: Includes other actions.

File Category

File category contains following actions:

New: Create a new and empty text.
Open: Open file from device storage.
Save: Save modifications to original file.
Save As: Save modifications to another new created file.
Close: Close current active editor.

Edit Category

Edit category contains following actions:

Undo: Undo the last modification.
Redo: Redo the last modification.
Select All: Select all text in active editor.
Paste: Paste the text from clipboard to cursor location.
Insert Color: Pick and insert color hex to cursor location.
Increase Indent: Increase indent for selected line.
Decrease Indent: Decrease indent for selected line.

More Category

More category contains following actions:

Search: Search or replace text inside current file.
Share: Share current file using other app, such as Gmail.
Goto Line: Directly move focus to desired line.
Syntax: Change syntax highlight to other language.
Encoding: Reload current file using different encoding.
Preview: Preview html or markdown file in browser.
Read Only: Enter or exit read-only mode.