Ad-Free/Pro Version

QuickEdit is a freeware but contains ads which provided by Google Admob and Facebook Audience Network. If you do not like the ads, you can purchase QuickEdit Pro(ad-free version) directly from Google Play at following link:

QuickEdit Pro currently has the same functionality as free version but does not contain ads.

Ad-Free/Pro Version FAQ

Does Pro version contain more features than free version?

No. Pro version has the same features as free version. The only difference is that pro version does not contain ads. Thanks for purchasing pro version to support our development!

Do I need to purchase QuickEdit Pro again for other devices?

QuickEdit Pro is a standard paid application in Google Play. Purchase record to QuickEdit Pro is bound to your Google account. That means if you have multiple devices using the same Google account, you just need to buy once and have ad-free versions on all devices.