Search Dialog

You can search or replace any text using search dialog.

The search dialog is as following, you can click More->Search from action bar to launch it:

There are two checkboxes better help to search:

There are three buttons in the dialog:

Search Action Mode

After you click "Search" or "Replace" from search dialog, QuickEdit will enable search action mode as following:

The search action mode contains following action items:

Previous: Goto the previous match.
Next: Goto the next match.
Replace: Replace the matched string to replacement string.

Regular Expression Search

QuickEdit support regular expression during search. You can enable "Regular expression" checkbox in search dialog to enable it. Supported regex patterns can be found here:

QuickEdit also support back references during replace. You can use $[1-9] in replacement string to match different group in search string.

For instance, if you replace all from "(123)(45)" to "$2$1", then all "12345" in current document will be repalced to "45123".