Select an Offset

You can single tap a position in text to insert or delete text based on the position. The cursor is like following:

Center Selector: This selector point to an offset in text.

You can click on this selector and drag it to other place to change the pointed offset.

This selector will automatcially disappear in about 4 seconds if there is no future action.

Select a Scope

You can select a word or sentence by long clicking a position in text. It will automatically select the whole word around the position. The curosr is like following:

Left Selector: This selector point to the left offset of the selection.
Right Selector: This selector point to the right offset of the selection.

You can click on any selector and drag them to other place to change the pointed offset.

At the same time of scope selection, the application will automatically enter selection mode. These selectors will never disappear only if you exit selection mode.

Selection Mode

After you long click a position in text, the action bar will be changed to selection action mode,

The action bar from selectino mode contains following actions:

Select All: Select all text in active editor.
Cut: Delete the selected text, and move them to clipboard.
Copy: Copy the selected text to clipboard.
Paste: Paste the text from clipboard to cursor location.

The paste menu item will be visible only if system clipboard has text content.