Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have a physical keyboard, you can use lots of keyboard shortcuts, which will make QuickEdit more efficient.

QuickEdit supported keyboard shortcuts are similar as common editors.

Please refer to following sections for QuickEdit supported keyboard shortcuts.

File Shortcuts

Shortcuts for managing file:

Ctrl+S: Save current file.

Ctrl+Z: Undo last modification.

Ctrl+Y: Redo last modification.

Ctrl+F: Search inside current file.

Ctrl+A: Select all text in current file.

Ctrl+W: Close current text file.

Cursor Shortcuts

Shortcuts for moving cursor:

Page Up: Go to previous page.

Page Down: Go to next page.

Home | Alt + Left: Go to line start.

End | Alt + Right: Go to line end.

Ctrl + Left/Right: Move cursor backward/forward and skip word.

Ctrl + Home | Alt + Up: Go to start of current file.

Ctrl + End | Alt + Down: Go to end of current file.

Selection Shortcuts

Shortcuts for controlling selection scope:

Shift + Left/Right: Extend selection to left/right character.

Shift + Up/Down: Extend selection to previous/next line.

Shift + Page Up/Page Down: Extend selection to previous/next page.

Shift + Ctrl + Left/Right: Extend selection to left/right word.

Shift + Alt + Left/Right: Extend selection to line start/end.

Shift + Home: Select text between line start and current cursor.

Shift + End: Select text between current cursor and line end.

Edit Shortcuts

Shortcuts for editing file content:

Ctrl + Backspace: Delete previous word.

Shift + Tab: Delete previous tab.